Is it me or the partner? Or to both?

Why is love so elusive? How can love suddenly disappear? Sometimes it can turn into loneliness or feel misunderstood. It can even turn into feelings of hatred or disgust.
You hope to find a long-term partner in every relationship. Or maybe the love of your life…..
And yet it is a fact that one in three marriages ends prematurely. There have never been so many singles as there are today. Modern life is complicated and puts a lot of pressure on our lives and expectations of the future.

What can we expect from ourselves and our partner?

To be happy. It's all about being happy. But when am I happy in love and how do I experience that?
We believe that love and happiness go hand in hand. That is why life is often a continuous search for this combination. A search for ourselves which can often lead to a degree of dependence. But is this desirable?

A love affair is a mysterious amalgamation of two egos with the same goal in mind..(right?) What is it that attracts, fascinates and guides us so much? Why is it that it is sometimes so difficult to “experience” that happiness?
Is it me or the partner? Or to both?

I have experienced a very happy marriage of almost 30 years. A marriage with, of course, many moments of peaks and valleys. This has given me experience with situations that can easily lead to “growing apart”. This will always be the beginning of loneliness and misunderstanding. My late wife and I have not always had an easy life. Yet love has always managed to put us back on the right track. This knowledge is the driving force and motivation for me to want to help others.

A love affair is never completely predictable. But as long as there is love, there is always hope. Let me help give you that push in the right direction. Let's work together on the solution. As a result, the feeling of "being happy" can be experienced again.

For you, your partner & your family.