About Rick

My name is  Rick Hafkamp. I coach people who experience relational difficulties in the relational/sentimental area. I am characterized by being a person interested in helping others and I coach people using my personal experience. I am a certified coach, and I chose this profession to help people get back on track in their lives.

I also coach people who face addiction problems.

I am a widower and recently remarried. I was married to my first wife for 30 years. Our marriage was characterized by good times, but also by difficult times. I acquired personal experience that enables me to point out and recognize situations where a couple alienate from each other. This causes a feeling of loneliness and not being understood.

My late wife and I experienced difficult times during our marriage, but the love that united us was the determining factor that made it possible for us to confront the difficulties and get our marriage back on track.
My starting point for coaching is sincerity, trust and equality. In this way, a relaxed atmosphere is created where, based on mutual respect, the optimal conditions are fostered to make the necessary progress during the guiding sessions.

The affinity between client and coach is of utmost importance.
A satisfying love relationship cannot always be guaranteed, but as long as there is love between the couple, there is always hope. Together we can work and find a solution to your problems so that you can re-experience the feeling of “happiness”.

For you, your partner and your family